The Decline of White People in the World

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Diversity Macht Frei
September 6, 2018

This old, but informative video will shed some light on the demographic situation. Whites were 28 % of the world population in 1950 and are projected to drop to 9,7 % in 2060. That decline is happening in absolute numbers as well and will probably accelerate after 2060 as most of the white population at that point will be old.

For more info:

  • Whites to become minority in the US in 2045.
  • Whites to drop to 20 % of Canada‘s population in 2100.
  • Whites to become minority in Britain by the 2060s
  • Whites to become minority in Sweden in 2066.
  • Whites to become minority in Italy in 2080.
  • Whites will be one third of Australia‘s population in 2090.
  • Whites are already a minority of newborn in New Zealand
  • Non-whites are 39 % of newborn in France
  • Blacks in Africa to become 4 billion people and to comprise 35,7 % of the world population in 2100.
  • One in 3 people of the world population will be muslim in 2100, while Islam will become the world’s largest religion in 2070.
  • There will be more arabs than whites, 1 billion vs probably 700 – 800 million in 2100.
  • White numbers are declining in Latin America too.
It is important to note that whites becoming 50 % of the population in a certain country underestimates the real situation, as those 50 % whites will be mostly old people compared to 50 % non-whites comprised of mostly young people who will be already the majority in schools.

In other words, the world in 2100 is projected to be mostly black, muslim and indian. This will be very different world from today.


A poverty stricken world essentially filled with filth and shit on the streets. Well luckily I’ll be dead by then


Yes, you can see why a blackpilled Brit wouldn’t want to bring a white child into the world, especially when there is no right to bear arms on Rothschild Island.



I’m hoping elon musk’s plan with the whole flying cars/space ship thing is to be able to bring all whites together in a specific parcel of land and to fight back against the enemy, the shitskin hordes. Musk isnt stupid and he knows it’s only whites and asians who have ever actually made a meaningful, lasting & positive impact on our society in all of recorded history. Elon, we know you post here lol


We can only blame ourselves. Whites send an outrageous amount of aid to Africa. We raised the birthrate of non-whites to astronomical levels, while teaching our women to abort their children and slut it out way into their 40’s. Also, our traitors in the gubmint have sent all the industry and manufacturing jobs to Asia. A large part of new techonogy is now produced by the Chinese, a process that has been facilitated by the fact that the E.U. and U.S. have sold all their patents to the Ching Chongs in exchange for very cheap labor. Chinese magnates are now buying land and property in Canada and Australia, all the while occupying most jobs in the American tech industry. Same with Indians.
This has enabled non-white men to obtain access to the very thing they desired and salivated to for centuries - The white woman.

We are financing our own genetic annihilation.


We’re all goners unless we get rid of democracy. It’s the gun at our backs and the noose at our necks.

The kikes will never let another Uncle A win by the ballot box. That much has been clear for 40 years. It’s just not going to happen.


Yep. And wiping out the White Population is what Jews call “progress.”

Wish more Whites would WTF up and understand this very basic fact: There is a genocide being conducted against the White Race and Jews are behind it.


The White race can change this anytime it wants to. We still have sufficient numbers, there are hundreds of millions of Whites, all that is lacking is the will, the will to power. The truth is, we are all being betrayed by other White men. If those White men cared more about being loyal to their race than beer and football, we would be unstoppable. I am still confident we will be victorious, but things are going to have to get worse before they get better. Never lose hope!


Completely agree. The only impediment in our way is other white men with a kike leash around their necks.


There are more White people alive now than ever in history. The shitskin population explosion, FED BY US, is the problem.

If we stop feeding and supporting them in every way, they will be dropping like flies.


Absolutely true. We have the means, we just need to summon the will. But White men would rather watch sweaty niggers run up and down a patch of grass chasing a ball than do anything. They’d cut their balls off just to spite themselves. They’d rather drink themselves silly and shootup than take care of themselves or their families.

It really is disgusting.


I hear this repeated all the time but I don’t believe it. As soon as the baby boomers all die off there will be, I think, a shocking reduction in the number of Whites. Not to mention they extremely low fertility rate in Europe suddenly becoming obvious.


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The scary thing is the only reason Africa is growing is American Grain and Medicine. Cut off both, Africa disappears!


Very true, This numbers are bad but they accounting that the situation will remain exactly the same in a few years, that resources will still be available for everyone. They are wrong, the numbers are unsustainable. Water will ran out faster than you can think of, land is already scarce, not to mention possible new diseases etc. If you add that whites one day say fuck it, no more gibs niggers, then hundreds of millions of non whites will perish very fast. They wont go down easy, but they wont survive

What amazes me is that the jews think they will survive in a muzzie world, are they this fucking stupid and suicidal? dont they know they will die as well? i can never understand them


Stupid predictions based on past trends. There will be few hundred millions Whites by 2100 and thats a hard prediction. As for non-whites; they will be far fewer than these stupid predictions and most certainly none of them in Europe.


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